2000 YZ426 wont rev past idle....Help

I have a new to me 2000 YZ426. I recently replaced several bearings, fork seals, hoses, checked valve clearances and did a general in depth cleaning of the bike. Since i have put it back together I cant get it to rev at all. Starts much harder than before, takes 5 or 6 kicks. Idles nicely with choke on and a bit low with the choke off. After a couple min of idling the header started glowing red hot so i assumed i must have put the cams in wrong and the mechanical timing was off so I tore it apart and checked it again. Then I read the posts about the red pipes and that isn't the concern now. I am thinking that its probably the carb thats plugged up but i want to get any advice you guys have.


deffinetly pull the carb and give it a good cleaning it never hurts and is easy to do, it does give symptoms of a blocked jet i had the same. anything past pilot circuit and it would cut out,it turned out to be a piece of crap in the jet

I agree ^^^^^^ Start by cleaning the carb.

Thanks for the encouragment. I pulled apart the carb and cleaned out all the jets and the float bowl and now it runs like it should. Off to ride now since I am off for the next 3 days.

Your pipe will glow if you let idea to long..

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