06 yz 450 hubs

So i was washing the bike yesterday and discovered the wheel bearings seemed loose. No problem just remove and replace. Wrong! the bearing has spun in the hub. The funny thing is i could remave the bearing with my finger, even past where the dust seal sits. This looks like a incorrectly machined hub to me as all of the bearings I have ever seen in rear hubs were press fit, not slip fit. Anybody else have this issue? Might be why some have had exploding hubs?

Yeah Lots of issues here. Do a search but I had the same problem, had some rear wheel slop so i went to put new bearings in WRONG,,,,, hub was all to pieces inside. I bought talons front and back, I dont want my hub to grenade on me 4th pinned hitting a triple:naughty: . Its a issue for sure, Some blame to tight of a chain or Sprockets bolts to loose this was not the case for me at all. There is a thread around here somewhere where Yamaha finally admitted a "bad batch" of hubs. I say replace them and forget it

Yeah I saw all of the posts. Mine was not bad, just barely noticible. The local dealer would not call in the warranty because the bike is almost a year old. I mentioned to him that I have had bikes that were 10 years old and never had this problem. Bummer...atleast the old two smokers wheel fits!

Yamaha is going to replace my hub, bearings, and seals! Gotta love that!

Yamaha is going to replace my hub, bearings, and seals! Gotta love that!

lucky Bast#@$...........who is your dealer...they need some free confirmation.....:applause::eek::lol:

Sloans Honda in Murfreesboro TN

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