YZ450F question (won't start)

I have a 2004 YZ450F, it has a brand new top end on it, less than an hour, my issue is that it is a mother grabber to start it, I have to pull start it with my Ranger so that it will start. I have also tried finding the compression stroke and all that other madness, it wasn't even this hard to start it when it was new. Could it be that it doesn't have the correct cams in it or what..........My freaking ankle is sore from trying to start this bad boy

Check the cam timing and valve clearances. If the bike sat for a significant period while being overhauled, check the interior of the carb for blocked passages.

I've checked the carbs and it's clean, The guy that built it for me did some shady work and I think he might have put the wrong cams in there...........

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