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Kudos for Ed and Ken's aftermarket kickstand

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I know that we're not supposed to advertise on this site but I'm so excited about the new kickstand for my KX250 that I'd be p.o.'d if someone knew about it but didn't tell me!

If you're like me and do a lot of woods riding, or if you have kids that ride with you and you have a MX bike with no kickstand but always wanted one at a reasonable price, check this out.

I looked around for a decent kickstand for my 99 KX250. I didn't want one that attached to the swingarm (no offense KDX owners) because of the movement of the kickstand with the swingarm. Promoto billet offers one that's really nice and tucks up under the side panels but it's $150.00 plus shipping. Yikes! Plus, they didn't have one for my year. :applause:

Well, on eBay there are a couple of guys who make them themselves! One of the guys is here on our forum. His name is Ed (member name No1Clyde) and he, being the humble guy that he is, did not advertise his kickstand here. I respect that. But since I have no affiliation with him and Ken, I'll let my appreciation for them shine through!

Here is a link to eBay where they sell them. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/kx250-kx125-125-kx-250-kickstand-kick-stand-94-01_W0QQitemZ280089015272QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item280089015272

You just can't beat it for the price. With shipping they're now around $50-$55. That's a super deal! Try to find one cheaper.

Here are some pics I've taken of the parts, install, and finished product. Note: it comes primed but mine is painted silver already.

Parts as delivered


Before installation


Kickstand attached but not tightened down


Close up of attached


Frame guard on but not trimmed


Kickstand attached and frame guard trimmed


Kickstand doing it's job


Kickstand "foot" rests nearly perfectly flat on the ground. The guys did their homework. This impressed me immensely. None of my other bikes that had stock kickstands worked this well. Great job, guys!


Close up of trimmed frame guard


Part of trimmed frame guard. Hammer there for scale


Another note. This is not a kickstand that will hold your weight along with the bike's. It's for the bike alone.

Please email me if you have any questions kargo27@yahoo.com


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Nice! Does it lock into the up position? I've always thought having a kickstand would be cool, but I don't want it to drop down when I land a jump.

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Mine never moves on hard landings. Not the best thing to look at but they're affordable and function.

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Now that's something I could definitly use. Looks very well made, and a clean install...:applause:

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