Help I messed up my drain plug

Been using a magnetic drain plug for a couple years now. Last Saturday, I was not paying enough attention - in a hurry and changing oil on two bikes - and I cross threaded the bolt on the first few threads.

The plug seals just fine and works good once you get past the few rows of bad threads but . . . I am wondering the best way to fix

1. No metal was on my magnetic tip.

2. I flushed the bikes with lots of oil to hopefully get out any metal shavings.

Now, I am wondering should I try to run a tap thru it to straighten the threads and then flush more oil.

What would the dealer do? Remove the engine. Retap and open up the oil pan area to completely clean it out. How difficult and expensive would that be?

I know I f___ed up. Dont normally make stupid mistakes - now what do I do. Leave it alone, run a tap or remove the engine and do it the right way.


It's not as bad as you think. run a tap and flush. should be fine.

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