Is It My Clutch, or Something Else???

I've been getting ready to get back on the bike this spring. It's been over a year since I last rode and WELL over a year since I've been on TT.

I've been getting my 2004 WR450 ready and have noticed something alarming. I think I need a new clutch. With the clutch lever pulled in and the bike in gear, I can't push the bike without a LOT of resistance. It doesn't matter what gear I'm in. But the bike rolls effortlessly in neutral, so what gives? Adjusting freeplay in the cable doesn't do anything either.

I've changed out a clutch before in another bike (a Honda), and have all the tools to do it. I'm just looking for some outside opinion before I crack open the clutch cover. Also is a Barnett or Hinson any better than stock?


What happens when you are riding it? If it does't creep on you with the motor running and in gear there is nothing wrong. Most likely your in a cooler climate 70 degrees and below. Ride your bike around and warm it up then it should have less resistance. My new 07 does the same thing when its cold.

This is speculation

Last winter my cousin let his YZ 250f sit for about 5 months (Nov 05-Mar06) and when he let me take it out it did this until I started it and got some heat in the motor and oil circulating in the clutch. After the bike was warm everything was back to normal

I think your clutch plates may have stuck together from being dryed up. Have you tried to start the bike?

Also it is normal for these bikes to have some clutch drag, but it shouldn't be THAT bad to where its taking alot of effort to move the bike.

I have seen plates stick together after long term storage, "most" pf the time if you get the bike started and warmed up good the will unstick. If they stay stuck you can try to bump start it and ride it. The worst I saw was my brother had to remove the clutch cover and carefully seperate them with a screw driver. That was fun as we were at our destination with no extra oil so he laid bike on its side and got lucky that the gasket didn't break, had a great ride any ways.

plates have stuck together, simple job just pull the clutch cover off and remove your clutch plates ,scuff them up with bit of wet an dry,not sure what you call it in the states and refit them ,it will be fine had this before many a time

allso if you park your bike up again for a long time allways push your brake pistons back so your pads dont stick to your discs

I was just going to post this same topic.....

I noticed this same effort of trying to move the bike in the garage and the rear tire was dragging even with the clutch lever pulled in...with the clutch plates this tight will this damage the clutch by just starting it up and going for a ride to loosen them or should one take the time and remove the plates???

Thanks in advance!!


Not sure about the 04's, but I had a similar thing happen to my 02 last summer. I discovered a simple fix based on a design flaw. It seems that the towers where the clutch screws sit on the 426's were made a hare to shallow. After only slight clutch wear, the clutch would "stick" even when the lever was pulled all the way in. The fix was to add one 6mm washer behind each of the clutch bolts to allow the clutch more "pull." I did the mod plus replaced my plates. Not had a problem since - even in cold weather. I'll try to find the link and re-post.

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