Baron's AP linkage being produced.

I have begun the production process on my redesigned AP linkage kit. The prototype is being made as we speak. I have spoken to James Dean in regards to teaming up and am awaiting his decision. Either way I will have available a complete kit that will have everything that a guy would need to get some snap out of his scoot and think I can do it for the same or less money than what the Quickshot or the Bog-Be-Gone is available for. When I say it "will" be available I mean that those of you who want it may need to be patient, but I promise, it will be more complete and offer better performance than any of the other products out there.

If JD signs up I would imagine that they should be available through our very own TT store without a doubt. If he doesn't, I will still be working with him in regards to the kit and will work with the owners of our forum to make my own kit available through the site.

FYI - this is on the bottom floor as far as things go, so don't get all hyped up about anything yet. If folks get impatient I'm sure I will be available to accomodate to a point, but it will take some time to get the ball fully rollin'. Stay tuned.

Good luck with this project Josh.

for which bike and which year does this work?

Sounds great :applause:

all this product is going to do is tweek your linkage from bottoming out the AP rivet
Not if you follow the instructions and shorten the rivet. :applause:

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