Extra crap removal question.

I'm removing the AIS, and a bunch of other crap on my 07. This bike is strictly for desert races. Can I remove the lower breather and cap it? Why does the new bike have 2?



Come on guys why would the engine need 2 breathers?

Come on guys why would the engine need 2 breathers?

If you are referring to the two thick tubes going into the air box, I believe one is the actual breather and the other is from the AIS. I haven't gotten around to doing the AIS removal thing, and as it's impossible to follow the tubes with everything buttoned up, I'm not absolutely sure.

I'm not sure why there is a hose to the starter drive housing, but I suspect with the way it was routed that Yamaha was using that hose to drain any oil in the hose back to the engine via the starter housing. I'm not sure on this and maybe someone can give a better explanation. I don't really see why there needs to be a hose down there either. I rerouted my breather hoses into a different configuration and left the starter hose on , but I would remove it totally if we don't need it. :applause: WR Dave.

Great, simplicty is better.

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