Frame guard for '07 YZF450?

I recently read in one of the magazines that there is a vulnerable oil line on the '07 YZF450 and that some manufacturer offers a $50 guard that bolts onto the frame.

Does anyone know about this? I remember the add saying that its a must have because during the mags testing they ruptured the line and started leaking oil.

Is there any truth to this or can I leave the $50 in my Dr.D Exhaust savings account? :applause:

Why take the chance. I to saw the same article and order a guard from 07 YZ450.

Thanks for the link.

BTW - I found one offered by Light Speed (on Can I assume this one is 'bolt on' ready (as I assume the GYTR is)?

I have a 25 coupon for motosport so I'd like to buy it there.

I use a carbon fiber works guard on both of my bikes. I didn't like how the oil line still goes above all of the guards you can buy, so I made another guard out of carbon fiber that protects all the way up to the pipe. The pic is a little blurry because I took it on my phone.


Bear in mind: That oil line is a pressure balance vent between the crankcase and the oil tank. While it would make a bit of a mess if it were opened, it carries no oil, other than vapors and spill over, and is not terribly critical. If you spend a lot of time plowing through brush, it would be worthwhile to protect it, though.

Actually, I think that there's been far fewer of these vent lines damaged than there have dipsticks broken off by stones and such.

Thanks for the comment grey. It defintely helps put things into perspective.


I have the GYTR guard and it works great and looks trick :applause:

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