What's the recommended chain breaker?

I'm picking up a chain breaker for the future and it seems like there are a few styles and brands to choose from. What's the recommended style and brand to get? I don't want to permanently damage a chain and I know they all work differently.

Thanks for the reply. I'm wondering what the difference is between some chain breakers. I'm guessing they break the chain differently. I'll keep that one in mind. Most Motion Pro products are great products.

I had one of those. It failed on the first attempt to cut a new Regina chain. The shop told me I did it wrong. I said "show me", and the #1 mechanic broke another one. Motion Pro said there was an upgraded pin, we got one, and it failed. The chain breaker has now been given the task of pressing master links together, and I got a new Regina breaker for $35.

There are basically two types of chain "cutters":



The one on the left is a type 1, an older design that is correct for non-sealed chains. It works by pulling the outer plate off over the ends of the pins, one at a time. It can be used on a sealed chain, but it has a tendency to pull the inner plates, which is what the jaws grip onto, off of the roller sleeves part way, and you have to press them back in place before reassembling the chain. Some sealed chains aren't strong enough to put up with this sort of thing.

The one on the right is a type 7, which is specifically designed for sealed chains, and works by pushing each individual pin out of both plates and through the chain. This is just about exactly twice as hard to do as pulling the near side plate off with a type 1, and puts a huge load on the push pin in the breaker. I recommend starting the outer plate off with a type 1 breaker first, but with the Regina 805173, it can be done without that, if you're careful.

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