87 XL600R Enduro blowing headlights??

A few weeks ago I replaced the stock floppy light with some new low profile lights. One of the bullet connecters under the seat came loose and I was blowing head lights like crazy. I tighten up all the connectors and now I am blowing headlights on start up. It seems to only blow one of the filaments’: i.e. the high or low beam. Then on the next start up it will blow the other one. Does anyone have any Ideas?????

Voltage regulator disconnected/not working?

The voltage regulator is connected, However I'm not sure if it is working? I am working off the shop manual schematic with a volt meter. Still in the process of testing....

Way back in the day i had the same problem with my 86 xl 600 after it was stolen and stripped of all its parts. i crossed a wite in the head light while re wiring and kept blowing the low beam. finaly had a electrician buddy come buy and he found the problem with the meter. If you have the diagram for the bike you may want to look at it a bit closer.

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