Font and rear axle puller

Hello all TTalkers,

I need the inside diameter of the front and rear axles. I am making some axle pullers that will ease axle removal. The WRF/pig/beast etc etc is in storage and I don't have immediate access to my bike.

Could anyone get those measurment figures for me?



:) What year is it?, I believe the 98's had a different set up to the later models. :D


Thanks mate. My bike is an 99 model. All I am after is the inside diameter of the hollow front and rear axle.

I am making a tool that will remain clamped to the inside of the axle much similar to the way a set of bark busters clamps to the end of the bars.


:) Grum , it's your lucky day mate!

my bike is a 99 so I will measure the internal Tubes an post them up here for you! :D

Maybe you don't want to reinvent the wheel (no pun intended)...

Ballards in Sydney already do such a thing... I believe they are about AU$30.

Just in case you didn't know...


Yami-dude - I looked up ballards and they are going to cost $40 each. At work I have access to a lathe, mill and material so I figured why not make them myself for two hours of my time?

Guy - don't worry about the measurements. I'll have access to my bike over the weekend. I think its about time for a MAJOR grease/bearing service. Thanks anyway mate.

Cheers and keep it on the back wheel.


Hey Grum,

If it's a CNC lathe, save the program, you may be able to flog a few here on TT... :D

Bet you make your own Kouaba handle's too huh? :)

Good luck...


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