I have been looking at several graphics kits for my 05 450. I have found pictures of a kit I like but have been unsuccessful at finding who makes or carries it. It is a blue kit that says YZF of the shroud. It looks pretty basic and sharp. Anybody have this kit on their bike or pictures? Let me know, Thanks!

Its probably a one industries... I had it on my 04. Its a good looking kit from a couple of years ago.

just bought a set that sound like the ones you described for a 01 yzf426 and love them. try shipping took about 4 days and they were very helpful.:applause:

Is this the kit you are looking for?


This one is a One Industries kit

Yeah thats the one 02YZ thank you! Slacksaw, I see how that kit sounds like the other. Thanks to you too! I think Ill go with the ONEindustries one. How hard was it to put on 02YZ? Any suggestions?

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