Edelbrock and the XR650R

To those that run them..... do they really keep the carb from flooding in a dump over? Are they easily started after uprighting like they claim? Is the throttle response noticable?

I am sick and tired of kicking my life away after laying the bike down a few times a day in the soft sand. *with my stock carb, I fire it over one or two kicks everytime until it goes down.*

I want to know if they are worth the $$$ before I order from Barnums.


Do you know how to clear the bike out? Pull in the decompression lever, open the throttle fully, and press the kill switch and then kick the bike through 5-10 times.

I was going to go with the edelbrock on my bike too but I chose to put the $400 towards other mods. I figured better throttle response would just equal more wheel spin and just eating through more tires. Honda racing uses the stock carb.

Yes, I go through the usual routine but never get quick results. On top of it I am usually exhausted when I am kicking it over since most of my dumps are later in the day when fatigue is on the horizon.

Worth is a personal thing, but . . .

with the stock carb, I would get back to the fallen bike with the primary urgency of getting it upright to prevent further gas from flowing out of the overflow, then rest up, knowing I would be going through the "procedure". The bike (with Edelbrock) will idle laying down, if the tire doesn't catch something.

I jetted the stock carb for near sea level, then went to 8500, and never got it quite right with the limited time I was there. With the Edelbrock, I was able to simply adjust the existing needle with the clicker to achieve satisfactory results on my next trip, then click back when home.

I don't concern myself with choke, 1/2 choke, no choke. Twist the throttle to squirt some gas in the bore (depending on temp and last time out), and it starts. It does require higher idle setting when cold for a little bit, though, either by holding the throttle, or the manual idle adjust on the Edelbrock.

A performance measurement I made was to crack the throttle while in 2nd, the again while in 3rd, and again in 4th with the same starting RPM and at a neutral seating position. The pump is very noticeable by eliminating hesitancy, and quicker front wheel rise.

I am just a recreational rider, but the above points made the bike much more enjoyable, and was worth the expense.

IMHO:I used to spend more energy kicking this pig, than I ever did riding, trying to start that damn thing. I tried all the clearing the carb routines etc.... never seem to work. Read all the right ups how to's etc. Stock carb just sucks.I ride in the northwest lots of hills roots stumps, frankly lots of dumping the bike or dropping it. If you never drop your bike more than once a day, you probably don't need to worry about the kicking it for 15 minutes while all your buddys are waiting for you. Laughing, or losing them.

Yes, I love my EBQS carb. It always starts right away ( 2 kicks max). I dropped it on a slippery hill climb once, bike stayed upside down running for 45 seconds while I rolled down about 30 feet, by the time I got to the bike I pulled the clutch to stop the rear wheel from spinning. Pointed it down hill and rode it down. Freaking amazing. If it broke today I would buy another tomorrow. I don't understand why anyone still uses that basic old style carb anymore.

And it has very quick response. The stock if I remember, used to almost kill the engine if you went from idle to full open (quick twist) Not this carb. It is always there when you twist it. And more HP. I have had it 4 years I had one problem, I called Rob Barnum (great dude by the way). He had Edelbrock send the part out Fed ex, no charge. Otherwise it has been great. Mine worked out of the box, never turned a screw except the red knob on top when I go to 5000 feet, lean it our a few clicks. Thats it. Love this product. Single most important upgrade of all. :applause:

I have used Edelbrock on an XR628, two stock XR600s, and currently have them installed on a stock XR400 and a mildly modified WR400. I just acquired a super nice XR440 which will have the Edelbrock very soon. Easy starting, no flooding and no hard starting when you crash, quick and easy compensation for altitude by using the needle adjuster. The Edelbrock carb, for me, is the best mod I have ever done to an XR, second only to suspension tuning.

Edelbrock carb. :applause::lol: :lol:


Try not going down so many times in a day and any carb will work!:applause:

I am sick and tired of kicking my life away after laying the bike down a few times a day in the soft sand. *

The Edelbrook keeps the bike running even when laying almost upside down.

The wheel is spinning,I pull the clutch and lift up the bike, jump on and instant throttle away I go! Even if I stall the bike, one good kick and she fires up.:applause:

Thanks for all the input. I think I'll order on up from Barnums since he gets the best feedback on pre-setting them up for us.

Try not going down so many times in a day and any carb will work!:applause:


I went riding yesterday with my 2000 xr650r and it went down twice. I was afraid of the down and out starting but it started right up every time. It was on it's side and still running when I shut it off to pick it up. Stock carb.

Sarcasam just don't work so good on these boards does it phillpstjohn......Its true though

Sarcasam just don't work so good on these boards does it phillpstjohn......Its true though

Most Guys who fall all the time may benefit from the Edelbrock $400 carb upgrade, but not the way most guys who race will. The stock carb is stock for a reason....:lol::applause::lol::eek:

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