valve adjustment

when do I need to adjust my valves on my 06 yz450f it has 15.6 hours on it now.:applause:

when theyre out of spec.

time has nothing to do with it.

correction: little to do with it

when you find it hard to start:

Check them after the first 5 hours, then again at 15-20. If you find no reason to correct any of them, as will likely be the case, check them again each 20-30 hours, or when there seems to be a loss of compression or problems develop with starting or idle quality.

Depending on how long you keep it, you may never have to adjust them.

Yep. From what I've heard, it's the 'hard to start' symptom (when everything else is functioning well). You may also start to hear some high pitched ticking at the top of the head.

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