Can you help me gather info on this dual sport kit for my 426?





This headlight/taillight/brakelight/license plate holder/stator was on my YZ426 when I bought it last year. The guy I bought it from had it on and said the headlight and stator kit were made by Moose racing. He said he used the license plate holder from a KTM? (not sure which one), and added a single mirror and horn to make it street legal in Texas. I didn't really care because I moved to Nevada immediately and I don't need any of this stuff. The stator ended up quitting on me one day, so I put the original YZ stator back in and took off all the dual sport stuff. I'm not sure what is wrong with the stator or if it can be fixed, but I would like to find out a little more info about the stator and headlight kit. I am thinking of just selling this stuff (the stuff that works anyway) and want to get a little more info. I went to, but couldn't find anything about one of these kits. Does anyone know anything about these kits? I'm wanting to know if this same kit would fit other years/models, what the stators cost, etc.

Looks like the Electrex USA L38 stator to me... they are known to burn out. You really should resize that pic.. its hard to read the post.

I finally got it to re-size properly. Sorry about that. Are stators just throw-aways once they burn out? No such thing as stator repair?

It looks to me like the kit may have been pieced together by the last owner. The kill switch assy. looks to be made my Baja Designs, the headlight and taillight is likely Acerbis and the regulator is a 12 volt a/c from Moose. To get your stator working again you will have to get it rewound.. but its not really worth it because it will only burn up again. They had problems with those because they took away 2 ignition posts and made them lighting. What happens is the stator overheats and burns up because there is not enough windings.

Atropine, how much is that all costing you? I also have a 426 and considering to create a dualsport out of the hog.

Thanks for the help. So it sounds like the stator is worthless, but the rest of the stuff would work on another bike as long as you got the correct stator for your bike, right? Of course, the blue would really only match a Yamaha...


All this stuff was on the bike when I bought it, and the guy told me that it cost him about $800 for all the stuff. Sounds a little expensive to me. I'm sure the stator is probably a couple hundred to replace. I don't ever plan on riding on the road, so I was thinking of selling all this stuff, and asking around $200 for it.

I'm looking for a kit... the reason it burned up is because you have to put a WR stator on when running a dual sport kit. Anyhow, does your kit have blinkers, battery, etc.. what is missing for NV. laws? I am in Reno.

- Jason if you wanna email me direct.

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