Anyone tried the acerbis 1.6gal aux tank

just wondering if anyone has tried the tank that goes on the rear fender and if it gets in the way etc thanks :applause:

ive seen that one listed in the catolog and have been wondering the same thing myself, almost ordered one then decided to wait til i actually needed it instead of just having another toy in the garage. looks kinda promising, wouldnt get in the way anymore than the seatbag i run.

A cheaper way is to use camping stove fuel bottles! Like Msr or Sigg. I carry a 1 liter aluminum fuel bottle in a water bottle bag. I put it in the nylon bag just so it is more secure when bunging to the rack. Or I can carry in my back pack. .02

problem is on long trips i dont wanna have to stop to refill, plus over here you can only fill approved containers so then i would have to take a jerry can to the servo to fill them

hey, i stumbled across this link and theyre in austrailia too :applause: looks a little more low profile than the acerbis one

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