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2007 Wr450f...

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Is one nice forkin bike :applause:

I got to stop by and pick one up yesterday, work took me past the area and I got the go ahead to throw it in the back of the truck on my lunch break and come flyin' home with it

This thing has gobs of power, even all plugged up. I'm not sure if my 120lbs even makes it breathe hard. My 200+lbs coworker hopped on it, and he is impressed (02CR250) on how it pulls. I think I like it! I won't be unplugging it whatsoever for a good time to come I think...

Now I can't wait to get out and ride, gonna make an order somewhere to pick up some oil and air filters and get stocked up. What's everyone running for oil?

Almost forgot a pic or two:




very glad I didn't go with the 250f

Also, does anyone lead their gas for the WR? I know its a controversial topic, but I was curious if any WR's were being leaded.

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Congrats and welcome to the WR450 family of blue beasties!:applause:

I would encourage you to remove the AIS crap and the other restrictive doo-dads ASAP. The bike simply runs better once you remove the restrictive appliances attached to it and make some basic carb adjustments.

Don't freak out about the power...be gentle with the throttle and don't rush your learning curve with the new beast.:lol:

Your weight gives you a distinct advantage against us 180lb.+ folks...once you gain confidence handling the bike, you'll be smoke'n fast. You will need to make suspension adjustments...I believe the bike is setup from the factory for a heavier rider.

As far as lubes and such...the Yamaha-branded stuff works just fine. Of course, there are zillions of different choices for this stuff.

Have fun!


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