'03 450 front axle bent?

When I have the front wheel in place (but not tightened up) on my bike, and I turn (spin) the axle the top of the wheel moves. The axle is slightly tighter to turn at a couple of spots in it's rotation. The axle looks straight to me, but when I thighten everything up the brakes drag more with the axle in certain positions than in others. The bearings seem good. What do you guys think? Should I just buy a new front axle and see? Thanks

Roll the axle on a sheet of glass, or rest it in a pair of V blocks and spin it with a dial indicator at mid point.

I've bent 2 axles on my 426. I'm not sure how I did it, but both made the front wheel seem like the bearings where locking up. They are cheap enough that I carry an extra in my trailer.

Thanks for the reply guys.

sometimes a improper aligned fork will cause this

I'm back to thinking that it's the axle itself. I put the front axle out off of my '04 KXF (it's the same diameter just too short to use). With the kxf axle in place all of the alignment issues went away. It looks like the yz axle is bent (just a little) where it comes out of the rh (non brake side) fork clamp. Fat guys with aluminum axles don't mix I guess.

Fat guys with aluminum axles don't mix I guess.

Maybe thats my problem. :applause: (225lbs)

The '03 YZF axle is not aluminum.

The '03 YZF axle is not aluminum.

Of course you're right, but I couldn't bring myself to say I'm too fat for a steel front axle. (didn't mean to mislead anyone)

Too FAST for a steel axle...:applause:

Too FAST for a steel axle...:applause:

I like that better. :lol:

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