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Supercross Thumbs down on new format

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I was fortunate enough to attend the St Louis SX last week, first SX this year. The riders this year are putting on great races and those main events were two of the wildest races I've ever seen. I like the tracks this year (except maybe put the kitty litter section somewhere other than after the first turn) and opening cerimonies were pretty cool (excep for Preston falling off or breaking the ramp).

That being said, I found both changes to the race format to be negative. First, the elimination of the day qualifiers. They have three groups of riders per class, two practice sessions for each group. During this time, all you can see is the top 5 of that session. That really tells you nothing with the B and C groups, because you don't know how they compare to the other sessions. The fastest guy in the C session could be the 41st fastest overall, for example, and not be in the show. When you had qualifier races to watch, you could clearly see who made it and how the locals were doing against the unseeded semi-regulars.

Then the elimination of the semis. So now 9th out of 20 makes the main. Throw in some crashes by the top guys and you have guys getting lapped in the heat making the main, not that you could tell who the 8th and 9th place guys are without looking at the monitor instead of the race. Then the LCQ is stacked and some better riders don't make the show.

Aside from that, it was a great show and was really glad I went. On an almost completely unrelated aside, I thought of a new drinking game where you down one every time a rider says "super pumped". Could be passed out before the heats are over though.

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