How many BRP owners in NW Indiana?

Just wondering how many BRP Riders there are in NW Indiana?????

Where do you ride??????

North east Indiana here. I am making brp street legal so alot of riding will be done on the street. I ride at haspin acres in Laurel quite a bit also.

Fort Wayne here. 2003 with BD kit. All street since I bought it last year. Hoping to do a few DS rides this summer. Just bought an old XR100 for my son so hopefully we'll do some camping/riding.

In Fort Wayne here. Ride my 06 CRF450R at local tracks like Tri-State, Motoplex, Sweet 16, and some private tracks. I have a 03 XR650L that I use whenever possible to help with increased gas prices...and its a blast. XR is mostly for street riding but love the back dirt roads. :applause::lol:

I live in chesterton Indiana myself. Behind the state prison there is a huge area owned by a local excavating firm. It is almost all sand and you can ride all day and cover most of it. If your ever in the are give me a ring and will go riding. Even a decent little treack with some serious back breakign whoops. I alos go riding behind my local honda dealer on sundays when they are closed. a small but ddecent terack behind them as well. We also have a little are called the brickyard that when dry is a small but ok place to ride. We tack the railroad tracks to get to it.

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