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99 Husky WR250 Keeps Blowing Bulbs HELP!

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I'm having problems with my 99 Husky WR250 blowing bulbs now. First it started with the rear one blowing out, so I figured I got the wrong wattage in, but I put the correct bulb in and it blew it out still. I was thinking I could put a higher wattage bulb in the front to pull some energy from going to the back bulb. But it blew the front ones out and the rear stop light. Now I think the voltage regulator, or resistor thing is shot that is located on the left hand side of the bike on the frame head stock. We measured it with a multimeter and it's not showing that it's having any resistance. What can I do? First plan was to put an inline resistor in but I dunno what to do now. I'm just stuck with it blowing bulbs out. I need it to pass MOT and this is the only thing stopping it. :applause:

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