I have a 06 yz450f and it has 15.6 hours on it I've used yamalube 4R every since I bought it new in December 2006. I have rode it now for 3 months, today is march 9th 2007 and I was wondering if I should keep useing yamalube 4R and changing it after every practice day at the races and changing it after every race. "What Iam saying is" we just started racing season this past weekend 03-05-07. I practice on saturdays at the track after practice I change the oil. Sunday is race day I run two classes and at the end of the day after the races or before I ride it again I change the oil again and clean the ready racing oil filter. Now what Iam getting at is am I changeing to much or can I slack up a bit. Before you reply remember I am racing it this year about 3 or 4 weekends a month and Iam useing yamalube 4R. Please help me decide!:applause:

I'd like you to tell me, please, why the three threads I linked you to earlier were not enough of a discussion of this subject, if you would. They addressed this precise issue, at length, and I'm stunned that you read them and still have this same question.

sorry..... I just didnt feel comfortable about the answers.

The summary of what those oil threads from this past week said in relation to your specific question is that YamaLube is an adequate lubricant if you change it out in <5 hours or every two rides at least. It won't stay in grade well enough to go longer then that. For an oil in that category, you can spend a lot less and get the same thing. Or you can pay the same or slightly more and do much better. See the threads for the details.

in your opinion greyracer what brand of oil would you use and how often would you change it for what I do.

Amsoil MCF. 10 hours or less, or each race day, whichever is soonest. That's in there too.

hi can someone tell me where to buy amsoil mcf in the uk i cant find it

also which kind is the best the 10w-40.


MCF is the only 10w-40 they make for this application.

An alternative is Mobil 1 Racing 4T. The two perform very near identically.

Like Gray said, buy the Amsoil MCF or MCV They have the testing and data to show you why you should use their oil. No one else does. Use the Amsoil especially if you are racing because of its stability under extreme stress IE racing. But don't be so focused on your oil that you forget the air filter! It probably rates higher as far as importance of maintenance goes.

That is the correct Amsoil product, yes. If you sign up as a preferred customer, you'll get more than 25% off that price. However, it would be worthwhile for you to find out if it will involve any overseas shipping in your case. Unless there's a dealer in the UK, it'll likely be too costly.

it is like 100 dollars and you can buy in to the amsoil buisness and start selling in your area were ever you are you get a huge discont as well

my buuddy is a dealer and he does it on the side and people still buy the product from him all the time

Actually, what I should have said was unless there's a shipping warehouse in the UK. When buying online, you're buying direct. You can be a dealer for as little as $30, but it's a bit of an odd arrangement, and your discount is the same at that level as the Preferred Customer, which is only $20/yr. The question for you would still be the on eof overseas shipping.

if i were you i would ask your ridding budds if they need some oil then maybe you might have something sweet going on in no time called free oil my freind does it to me and a bunch of others all the time

the only reason i am not selling the amsoil is because he allready is

they do advertise a low entry free too buy in and sell but i think it was a few more dollars for some thing else

i run amsoil synthetic oils in my 1966 impala and 2005 honda civic it lasts avery very very long time it amazes me

sorry..... I just didnt feel comfortable about the answers.

Then it would just be wise to ask in the original thread you posted, not create a new one...

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