07 WR450F Drama's


Last week my 07 WR450F started leaking oil from the countershaft sproket seal, apparently it looked like a stick had hit it???? Dont know how though cause i had only been riding around a motocross track. Anyway, i was quite happy to pay the dealer for a new seal, and he looked after me on labour- however once it started up it was making a rattling noise in the top end so he advised me to let him look at it. He has just rang me back and said one of the journals in the head where the cam bolt onto had started to wear down cause of low oil flow- and maybe it can be repaired but its looking like im going to be up for a new Head, worth about $1500. Has anyone had any experience with repairing journals or am i better off buying a new head??

As you can imagine i aint really happy about it- infact i am ready to tear someones head off but i guess its nobodys fault.


can it be fixed under warranty?

I doubt it, they reckon a stick hit the seal, so its not there fault. So they aint want nothing to do with it. My local bike shop is helping me out with warranty but still $1500 on a new bike aint really to fair i believe.

yeah that REALLY sux

If it were me I would really push for a warranty even if it does look damaged externally. Seems that it being damaged by a foreign object would be very obvious and you would have known exactly when you did it. I'd say it happened before delivery to you if anything did happen. New parts will be more than just $1500 I'd bet.

Good Luck.

Never heard of a stick ruining a seal. Never heard of someone repairing an aluminum head either. I don't know the engine enough to know if the countershaft is pressure lubricated but I never heard of a bike loosing enough oil from a seal during an average session at a track to run the engine low on oil. Something sounds funny here but I bet you aren't laughing about the potential bill.

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