Cal City this weekend

Anyone going to be out in the Cal City area this weekend. Plan on riding the Rand & El Paso ranges. Beer's at the white house. Let me know if you are interested.

Easy, Make sure that you and your buddies have your bikes stickered and have all paperwork with you. They're really cracking down lately (cops). The last two times I was there I had to hide around the general store cause I didn't have my sticker on. Enjoy that whooped-out route to the Whitehouse. Have fun :)

One of my favorite places, but we have a club outing this weekend. Anyone interested in a club enduro is welcome Sunday am. 15.8 miles past Mojave on Hwy 14 at Tokiwas. Just a few families out having fun. If you can make it look me up in a 26 ft Dunes.


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