stator resistance question..


bike is a XR650R

I rewound my stator based on some of the excellent instructions on this site.

unwound the original 4 poles for the lights and left the 2 poles of the ignition alone. I wound 10 poles with 33 turns per pole using 18 gauge magnet wire.

Quite straight forward. I measured the resistance of the new windings and measured 0.6 ohms. Basically right on the money for what others have done.

While I was at it I measured the resistance across the ignition windings which I DID NOT touch. The resistance is around 80-90 ohms ?? My question is, is this normal. Doesnt' make sense to me should it not be around the same resistance or less, given only 2 poles wound ?? I was very careful with the original ignition windings so I don't think anything was compromised. Does anyone have a spare stator that they can measure to verifiy. The manual is not very clear what this value should be ??

thanks for any help


its OK.ignition coil are made of thinner wire and many more windings to get 200v where lighting is 12v

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