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ok. project of the year

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so one of the most important parts of a race is the start. so practicing starts should be as routine as jumping, turns, and whoops right? i figured i'd fix this and build my own starting gate. i have drawings drawn up ( i looked at the pictures on www.racegates.com ) and interpreted how they are built. the only thing i am having problems with is dimensions.

does anyone have a rough idea or exact on the width and length of a gate? and the length of the pin that holds it up. with that info i should have this thing built by sunday. ( i'll be sure to take step by step pics w/ directions to post back up on TT ) does anyone have their own starting gate ?? ( bought or built )?

im sure im not the first one that will be building my own, so any help/tips from those more experienced then me is appreciated!!! :applause:

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