$&^%#*$% BACKGROUNDS!!!!!

Somebody please help me before I totally freak out.

Has anybody succesfully applied a number plate background on the exhaust side cover of a WR426? It's like wrapping a watermelon with 22 gauge sheet metal. I have tried soapy water and the blowdrier. I have ruined two now. I gave up with the white backgrounds and put the black numbers directly on the plastic. Now I need a set of plates with white numbers on green backgrounds, so they gotta go on.

Any tips before I go postal and buy a rattle can of green Krylon?


BFlee, I know!!! Big pain!!!! I just got my new numbers from socal decal with my numbers printed on the pre-cut backgrounds. At $60.00 a pop I'll be really careful. The best advice I can give is to start in the middle of the plate and work your way out. The heatgun if used too much will just make a soupy mess. I'de stick with the soapy water and stretch and pull the decal as much as possible. I do cut "slits" in the background where it "valleys" on the plate, use a razorblade to cut out excess material. And most of all really take your time and dont get stressed, the soapy water allows you all of the time you need to get it close. When it's all done I then take a sharp razorblade and cut the perimeter of the plate so it has a nice and even boarder around it.

Best of luck.

:) One other tip is ..if She'll let you use Wifes/girlfiends/mums hairdryer to warm it rather than a heat gun which as above can really over do things, and be really patient! Best of Luck! :D

There was a thread with a gazillion tips on exactly this topic about 2 months(?) ago. Do a search and you will find it.

good luck

Here, I'll save you the hassle...

backgrounds :)

Thanks for the suggestions. I think Gassin Gerhard might be on to something. I've always bought fitted backgrounds, but maybe bulk sheet would be a better choice for this application.


Why can't Yamaha make an oval muffler like Honda so the side panel can be flatter?

Why didn't Yamaha make the WR qualify for California Green Stickers? Do you think they will wise up when they see what KTM has done with the EXC/G?

I know someone posted the link to the archives but I have got these graphics kits dialed in. I also put on the So-Cal Decal numbered backgrounds on my YZ. Yea its not super easy but mine went really smoothly. Here's how I did it:

*Fill the sink with very warm but not hot soapy water.

*Immerse the number plate. WASH IT GOOD!!!

*Peel off the backing on the decal and slide it under the water.

*Place the decal on while SUBMERGED! Don't pull it out and mess with it, get it lined up under water then pull it out.

*Squeegee the water out from under the decal from the middle outward. Just use a plastic bondo squeegee or I think my decals came with one. Keep at it until you think you have the water out.

*Use a real heat gun to activate the adhesive after the numbers are installed. A blow dryer is not hot enough. You want to heat the decal until it almost too hot to touch. Heat the backside of the plate until you smell the plastic. The material flows at around 130 degrees F so you should start to smell it around 100 or when it is hot to the touch.

*Use your fingers on the hot decal (4 inch area at a time) to work out the water from below the decal. Its hot but you would be amazed at how much water comes out.

*Let it cool and those buggers are not coming off. I only had to cut one slot up each plate to allow for the curl of the plate.

I use that same technique for shrouds, fork guards, etc. Its tougher for tanks, its actually easier to put graphics on while the tank is on.

Roostn in Denver

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