Froke seal. Replacment

How hard is it replace the froke seals on a 01,426 do i need any speacail tools.

I do know that it is a very dirty job and one that if you mess it up will cost you some cheese. Have you tried finding a good local shop that will do it for cheap? I know that my local shop will do it for like $140 and if you are making a pretty decent living all that means is an extra 2-3 hours at work. Then you save yourself a lot of headache and you dont even have to get dirty.

If there isnt a local dirtbike shop that will do it for cheap try and find a small suspension shop that will do it. Not a shop like RG3 or Pro Circuit I am talking about some no name place. The place I went to (fastlap suspension) is great and will change your fork seals for like $100.

How good of a mechanic are you?

Is there a suspension service company nearby?

How much are you willing to spend on tools?

It's not too difficult BUT:

*You'll need a VERY clean bench and 6-8 old tee shirts for rags

*You'll need a vice to hold your fork during bleeding & setting oil level

*I used Eric Gore AND my factory manual for tech info

I live near NOLEEN suspension service and purchased my oil, seals, slide metals, seal grease and got free advice on oil level. I made my own seal driver but I think I saw them on TT for 35-40 and will buy them before next servicing. My homemade driver was risky and took great patience. The only tool I bought was a fluild level kit.

since its around 100-150 for fork seal replacements you mine as well get it serviced or revalved. that would included new seals.

Pick up the current Dirt Rider or Dirt Bike magazine. It has an article on seal replacement from start to finish. I cut it out and put it in plastic protectors and saved it. Looks pretty straight forward.

I just did mine today by myself in the laundry room and im a 'girl' hahahah

the only special tool i used was a fork seal driver and I made my own suction device out of a spray bottle sprayer...

ps. yes its messy wear rubber gloves and have shop towels all around you..

pss. when putting the dampning rod back in make sure you put your finger over the end i learned that the hard way when fork oil when spewing about a foot in the air as i placed the rod in was quite funny actually...

I just did mine today by myself in the laundry room and im a 'girl' hahahah


I think it's great you work on your own bike.

What I don't like is when you girls pass me on the MX track:ride:

But I'm getting use to it.

Keep up the good work!

well I had to learn to do all this stuff myself or I wouldn't be dirtbiking, I bought a house on my own 2 years ago and its just me so if I can't fix it and maintain it myself I can't ride it!!! doing 99% of the work myself saves a HUGE amount of $$$

lets just say my manual is WELL used....i actually ended up using packing tape to 'laminate' the front and back cover it was getting so warn and greasy haha

I called the stealership wants $300 to replace seals...

Called RRP suspention out in west Jersey and they want about $150 includes seals..

Said they would fixem in one day even while I wait for 1-2 hr..

I will bring them in.

Tammie , you go girl !!!, im impressed!

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