xr 600 timing ?

Guys im putting my 92 600 back together.Do I install the cam with lobes up or down?Does it matter? How dead on do the timing marks on the cam sprocket have to be I cant get them dead on.

One more thing the cam sprocket has three marks on it does it matter where the mark in the middle is UP or Down?Thanks for any help guys

I just did my 93 xrl, lobes down so you don't have to fight against the springs when you put the rocker cover back on.

The middle mark goes up, the other two marks level with the top of the head. If you are on TDC, fiddle with the cam sprocket and chain, you can't get the bolts in if it's one tooth off and a new cam chain.

Red loctite the cam sprocket bolts. I left my sparkplug in and a socket ratchet and extension on the crankshaft nut wedged against the footpeg and a pair of visegrips to hold it on TDC. :applause:

This helps a bunch.Thanks so much.Only thing I need now is how level do the two marks need to be with the top of the head.I cant get them perfect with top dead center.I have it now where the mark to the left of cam gear is a tad higher than the other side.How good is that?

I just overhauled my 89 600 and all you can do is get them as close as possible.I've done alot of TT500's and when you time the cam on those you get the marks lined up with the top of the head and when you apply tension to the chain they always rock back just a hair.As for your question about where to set the cam lobes .piston at TDC and cam lobes down toward the head otherwise you are 180 degrees out and you will bump a valve.I don't know if you have this or not but you will need the special Honda tool to hold the cam chain tensioner back when installing the cam gear.30 bucks well spent:thumbsup:

no you wont read your manual it doesnt matter if it goes up or down its just that lobes down makes it easier

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