To all you tall riders

I am fed up of riding around in old army trousers, that are getting increasingly ripped and soaking wet every ride.

Can anyone recommend somewhere I can buy some decent motorcross trousers (pants), which fit a 6'8" rider with cut and cold legs?


:) Whilst not quite as tall as you, (6'1") I bought some "Zip Wear" enduro pants at last years dirt bike show, what an investment, They are the type which go over the boots, 100% waterproof (I usually get someone to pressure wash me off after a muddy ride!) and quite good money.

They have a site on the web, if you want I can find it and post it for you.

the extra large variety are so big that when I'm off the bike they trail on the floor and I have to keep lifting them up! :D


I am 6'5" & weigh 230. Use the MSR size 40 pants and never have a problem with them comming out of the boots.


6'7" here, and I forget how many rocks I am, but I have always used MSR gear also. System 6.

Never had a problem.

I am 6'5" & weigh 230. Use the MSR size 40 pants

Question. How many times do you wrap your pants around yourself? That johnl guy weighs even less than you do. Must be a size 28, no wonder he has problems. Freaks! j/k. :)

:) Top Kit Andy, next time your looking, take a gander at em, I was dubious, but they really are 100% proof(water not alchohol LOL) The only gripe is that they are a touch warm for summer wear, but thats only ONE weekend anyway ROFL! :D

Sinisalo makes custom gear for the standard price.

I have hooked up a couple big and tall guys up and they all are very happy.

I am 6'8" as well and was sick of paying to have my gear customized so I could have my pants stay in my boots.

If you go to the sinisalo website and email them they will give you a # to call and send your measurements to.

Nirvana is 4~5 weeks away!

Fox 360 moto-x trousers. like the sound of the "zip wear" enduro trousers though Guy :)

Sinisalo it is then, and thanks.


what about gloves? anybody know where to get some

XXL waterproof (gortex?)gloves that come far enough up your wrists to cover cuffs of riding jacket? come to that any body recomend an enduro jacket XXL with longer arms ? :)

:) Sinisalo do a top notch enduro glove with pull cord wrist fastener, to go over your jacket, very impressed with them, approx £40

Jacket...well I use a First Racing enduro jacket, Removable sleeves (which I thought would be a problem but hasn't been yet!) Pockets, armour option, pocket in the back for a drink system, again very impressed! :D

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