Glowing head pipe on 450

Just picked up a new 07 Yamaha 450. I took it for a spin around the neighborhood at night, and when i came back i noticed the pipe was glowing red. IS is supposed to glow like that!?!?! I mean it was bright red!! Like i said its 2 days old right off the showroom floor. No mods. Any input helps thanks!!

Yes, I just picked one up two weeks ago, a wr450 when we ran it at the dealer's shop they said it was normal. The pipe are thin and made of titanium.

It was glowing.


Thanks guys just what i needed!

before you post the next question, yes, the bike is lean and you'll need to go to 170 main and 48 pilot jets. Are you in the portland area? if so this should work, PM me for more info regarding jetting around oregon

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