Carb Issue - Reconnecting Hot Start Cable Connection to the Carb

Folks, I had removed the carb for some work and now I'm re-installing it, however, the cheap plastic threaded piece that connects the hot start cable to the carb itself (# 38 in the attatched picture) is a bit striped. Since it's plastic, it's not completely holding the cable to the carb. I tried to clean up the threads with a knife, but it's still not tight enough. Seperate than ordering a new one, any suggestions that aren't completely permanent. e.g. I still would like to be able to get it off again.

You might try rethreading it with a tap and die set.

You might try rethreading it with a tap and die set.

if you've seen what this piece looks like, it's not a female type of device that can be tapped. The threads are so soft, I can clear them out with my fingernail, but even doing this, there's just not quite enough grab to keep it seated thoroughly. The design and use of this is pretty messed up to be honest.

Pro Circuit makes a replacement piece for it. Those plastic pieces are famous for stripping if you aren't careful.

Thanks...Didn't realize they had any aftermarket units available, but I guess I'm not alone in my missery. :lol::applause:

I'll give it a try. I noticed ZipTy also carries them after doing a search. Aluminum is much better than cheap plastic.:lol:

Zip-Ty has one as well.

Zip-Ty has one as well.

The ZipTy works wonders. Had it delivered in one day. The guys at ZipTy rock!:applause::eek::lol:

Get an aftermarket one. If you need to ride now, wrap the threads with teflon tape used for sealing on pipe thread. This will take up the slack in the stripped threads and will work for a temp fix.

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