Question on Zip Ty carb mod

Those of you that sent your carb to Zip Ty for their carb mod. Are you still happy with it now that you have ran it more? Would you do it again? What were the benefits vs. what you could do yourself? My main problem is flame out when riding very tight woods.

I am still very happy with it. My bike used to pop excessively during engine braking and the Zip Ty fixed that. It also helped with stalling.

Awesome mod, well worth the money. My bike is so clean and responsive. I would do it again for sure....

Still very happy with the mod.

Best $100.00 I have spent.....every bike I own will get the same works that good!:applause:

What they do that you don't know puts this mod at the top of the carb tuning spectrum.....

You can do the AP mod and clean carb, set float bowl height and set the duration....spend $$ for quickshots powernows and other gimics....they simply do not compare....period

Good to hear, just sent mine out about an hour ago.

I love the mod, it's been said before, but the best $100.00 that could have been spent. I think really improves a already great bike.:applause:

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