86 xr600r ohm question

I was checking the stator out. The exciter coil( r/b wire) tested at 255 (spec.230-320) all good. Checked the lighting coils (blue) zero resistance. Red flag to me, shouldn't there be some resistance? I could not find the value for the lighting coil, does anyone know what it is? The lights seem to work fine. Then i tested from r/b to blue wire, zero resistance again. Shouldn't these two be isolated from each other or am i missing something? These #s were found at 2k setting, 1k is off the scale. The bike is a pain to start sometimes but such is the nature of the beast. Any info. appreciated.

The lighting coil is made from much much larger wire than the ignition coil. You should be able to measure some resistance, but it is very low, like only one ohm or so.

How is the bike when it is hot? In most cases the ignition coil problem comes out when the bike is hot.

Measure the resistance between the blue wire and ground, should read 0.1-1.0 ohms.

Thanks for the info. looks like everything is ok. Tim:thumbsup:

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