Lower 2003 Yz450f

hey i got a buddy who just bough this bike used and its a tad to tall for him...hes 5'4'' its there anywah you can lower the bike. Not just a seat cut out he wants a kit to lower it about 2 inches or so do they make such a thing???

A reputable suspension shop can alter the shock and/or cut the subframe.

The seat isn't a bad mod though - I just today (minutes ago) finished lowering my 2003 YZ450F...

It worked out MUCH better than hoped for. The stock seat gets thinner and thinner towards the top - uncomfortable considering that Yamaha foam is only one step softer than concrete!

My bike had a TALL seat on it - so it worked out FANTASTIC!

By trimming it down over an inch, the top of the seat was much wider than the stock seat foam... I was then able to angle the sides down and sculpt it somewhat... it looks a little "freestyle" but it's surprising because when you sit on the bike it feels RIGHT. So even though it looks thin, there is actually several inches of foam under you at the arc between seat junction and tank...

Sits almost as well as a Honda CR two strokes foam, but not quite as soft.

I'm pretty stoked, it worked out much-much better than I expected when I first posted on here quite some time back.

Mikeee P

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