Zip Ty Fuel Mixture Screw

need help

i have a WR450 2006

And i made a mistake to order the FMS02 instead of the FMS01

my question to the experts are if definitively the FMS02 will NOT fit?

ir it can fit? if so , how i need to install it, thanks!!!



it will not fit they are a different length. if you are going to return it, I would look at getting a T-handle fuel screw. The T-handle is much easier to turn when you are sitting out on a cold day and you have mud all over the carb. at least IMHO

Didn't know there was more that one screw for that FCR carb.. ???

Do know that the Ty Davis fell out after about a year... of course the o-ring probably fell apart.


Let me know if you can't take it back and want to trade. I mistakenly got the shorter one for my 400! I didn' t know there were two, either!


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