bike bogs

I have a yz450f 2006 model and the only mods I have to it is put a DRD full stainless exaust on moved the jet neddle to the #5 clip position. When the bike is at idle and you turn the throttle wide open it will die how can I fix this?

Why did you move the needle?

When the bike is at idle and you turn the throttle wide open it will die ....
Why is it necessary to do that?

I moved the neddle because I am sponsored by DRD and I have a DRD full exaust system on the bike. I called them and talked to one of them that works there and they said that doug told them that in the 06 yz450f the jet needle needed to be in the #5 clip position because the #4 clip position which is standard and would be to lean. Which is right because in the #4 position the bike throwed a flame about two feet out the tail pipe. After moving it to the #5 position the bike runs fine all but twisting the throttle to fast when you do it bogs you gotta kinda roll the throttle it acts like it does not have quick throttle response. Can anyone help me on this?

The needle position has no effect on either the deceleration backfire or the poor throttle response. Dr. D recommends either the stock needle in #4, or the NFLR from an '07 in #4. The NFLR is a half step leaner, not richer, in any position.

To cure the decel backfire, which does not need to be entirely eliminated, change from the stock #42 pilot to a 45. This will also help throttle response off idle.

Unless the bike stumbles underway when you're actually riding it, there's really no need to have it answer a sudden snap of throttle any better than it does, and you should be learning how to roll the throttle. But if you insist, look for "Baron von Beard's (Redbeard450) Accelerator Pump Wiring Mod for the '06/7 YZ450" under Fuel System here:

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