MXTuner/YamaKazi --- WR'ing this weekend

Hey guys, I know the weather has stunk lately, but are you up for a Sat or Sun ride in the woods?

If not, I am going back to Big Cedar in Alabama. This track totally rocks......have not heard if Copperhead is open or not. I would prefer to do some woods riding at least one of the days. Let me know. Bill was Kentuck totally wet?

I'm Headed to the Sand Dunes in Albany, 6am Sunday Morning....

The Lead in Trail was slippery as hell, but both the East and West Loops from the trailhead were awesome..WFO...The North Loop was Ok until you cross the stream and headed up the hill.....Many Tried...Few Succeded....I thought I was going to burn a tire off getting up the darn thing.

Come On Down!

Bonzai :)

[ January 23, 2002: Message edited by: YAMAKAZE ]

It's either Saturday or nothing for me. I'm not into a mudbath. I'd love to ride somewhere but it looks like there will be mud most anywhere we go.

By the looks of the weather, I may be riding the sofa.

Mark, any ideas? Bill is going to albany, but that will take us half a day to get there.


If you can be at my house or Cycle Speciality at 6am on Sunday morning, You can put your bike on the trailer I borrowed from Steve and we'll take my Jeep down to Albany. The Guy's tell me it takes 2.5 to 3 hours to get there. We can be riding by 10 or so...and when you've had enough we can split for the house....

I figure that If we ride as hard as we usually do then we'll be ready to head toward the house between 2 and 3 and back here by 6pm.....That would put you home by 7pm.

Bonzai :)

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