01 426 Hot start problem?

I just recently purchased an 01 426 and it starts like a million dollars when cold but a hot restart almost seams imposable w/o a push start. Is there any ggod combination or trick w/ using the hot start lever or the hot start choke on the carb that I should be aware of? thanX in advance!

Do a search, there was a good post not long ago that explained very well how the choke works and how the hot start works. Basically the hotstart works opposite to how the choke works, the choke richens the fuel mixture and the hotstart leans the fuel mixture. Try pulling your decompression lever and kicking through a few times and then try starting the bike with and without the hot start. They all act a bit different according to jetting, temperature etc.

Hi there,

I just got a second hand 2001 426 and had the same hot start problem. This is is my rountine for both hot and cold start and now haven't had an issue since.

Starting cold: Choke, gas on, no throttle, find TDC (you can't move the starter), release compression and push starter down about 2", let go the compression release, bring starter lever to top and romp it good without touching the throttle. If it lights, get the choke off quick and keep the RPM above normal idle for about 2-3minutes before trying to go anywhere.

Starting hot: pray you turned the gas off before the engine quit. If you did, just kick it over (no throttle till it lights), turn on the gas and be on your way. If you didn't (like after a fall), turn off the gas, catch your breath, take another minute to catch your breath some more then pull the hot start out all the way, then kick it over, no throttle. If that doesn't work. Keep the gas off, hot start out, and release compression and kick through 4-5 times. If that doesn't work, repeat.

The real key seems to be to get the gas shut off as quick as you can.

Hope this helps


found some good info on the search thanX, I'll have to try it out tomorrow

I know there are a million threads about what I am going to recommend....buy a new cam and ditch the compression release lever.

Starting will be 100% easier and personally, I rarely ever need my hot start...

Also, buy the Dr D hot start kit as using the red knob, too many people are prone to leaving it pulled out. With the Dr D, no need to remember, it shuts itself off.

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