06 WR450 forks on a 06 YZ450?

I am looking for a stock set of forks for my 06 yz450. If anyone has a set please let me know. I am going to look on e-bay as well and I just want to make sure what will fit in the 06 yz450. I really do not want to change the triple clamps if I don't have to. I know that the 06 clamps are 2mm wider than the 04 and 05 ones and I believe that the 04 & 05 forks will work if I put a 1mm spacer on the brake side in between that fork and wheel. Am I right on that? So if I can't find a set of 06 yz450 forks will a set of 06 WR forks work in the 06 YZ 450? Also would the two stroke forks, or the 250f forks work as well? I want to stay with a 04 or newer. Would the two stroke and 250f forks need to be revalved, since the 450 is heavier? I know that the 06 forks would be ideal but since I am really only trail riding and just starting to ride motorcross would I be alright with a set of 04 & 05 forks? Any suggestions or info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Are the 06 YZF450 and WR450 forks the same, and are they interchangable?

They aren't the same. The '06 WR has forks from the '05 YZF (the WR has always been one year behind in the suspension dept).

You can use any earlier 48mm fork, but you'll need to add 1 mm to the spacing on the brake side of the wheel. It shouldn't be necessary to modify the caliper mount at all, but check the front brake operation to be sure.

But do tell, why would you use anything earlier on an '06?

I lowered the 06 forks for the ice, and now that the snow is starting to melt I was looking for a spare set so I could swap back and forth between the seasons. I have been looking for an 06 set but no luck so far. Plenty of 48mm forks though. Any advise is appreciated and thanks for the reply.

I would build the '06 fork as the dirt fork. They are vastly superior to any earlier version; head, shoulders and belly button above even the '05 fork. Then, get an earlier set for the ice, as the quality of the suspension won't be as big an issue there.

Enough said grayracer Dont put 04 or 05 forks on your 06 , like he said the 06 forks are like comparing a cadillac to a yugo the 06 bieng the caddy and the 04 05 the yugo!!!!

Thanks guys, I will keep it in mind, and if not I can always rebuild the 06. Appreciate the responces and all the info. This site rocks.

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