Bulbs blow in seconds?

I have a 04 wr 450f and have fitted it with a four bulb head light. they are 4x20 watt bulbs, but i hooked it up and they blow with in seconds? So i decided to wire only one up thinking my wiring sucked, but same thing blow in seconds. I think the biggest problem is I'am dutch and bought a no name headlight of ebay. the bulbs are 12 volt rating. and i am still running the AC set up, any ideas?

PS, the bulbs are house hold Halogen flood lights you would find in a track lighting system or something. I know i should have bought the right stuff to start with.

you might have overloaded the system with too much load and fried the regulator. Check how much voltage you are sending to the headlights. Also, household lights are not meant to handle the vibration and shock in a bike and probably wouldn't last long anyway.

your voltage regulator/ rectifier is burned out iam 99% sure

I did a recheck today and got 22-24 volts at front head light and 1-2 volts at tail light i'am going to check my regulator/ rectifier after i eat i'll give an update after i check it. thanks

also i have 4x20watts is that to much for the system, and a light kit thanks

does anyone know where i can get a regulator/ rectifier for my wr 450f at a good price? thanks

I have some old christmas lights with a dimmer and they are "outdoor" :applause: Sorry I couldn't resist ! Check for any parted out WR's on ebay etc. WR Dave.

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