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Which one to buy 97 300 or 99

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Hey guys I'd like to say that this is definately a great forum. I have narrowed it down and I've decided I'm definately going to be going for a klx 300. I need your opinions on which one of these would be a better bike to buy. I am leaning towards the 97 because it has so many new replacement parts on it. The 99 has a big bore kit on it (340) but I am a little worried about reliability. Here are the two descriptions.

97 klx300r:

This is a great bike with lots of mods. The following are all NEW Parts:Front tire and HD tube, FMF Q2 Spark Arrester, Front and rear fenders, Trail Tech Computer, Gas tank, Renthal Grips, Radiator shrouds, Gold Valves Front Forks, Bark Busters, Revalved Rear Shock, Hand Guards, Valve Job, Chain, Rear Sprocket, Counter Shaft Sprocket, Shift Lever, Frame Just Powder Coated, Handle Bars, Rear tire has 2 rides, new HD tube, Plus More. Plus these Stroker Parts: Top Clamp,Carb Kit,Exhaust Header, SX1 Exhaust Kit, Skid Plate, Shark Fin, Breather Kit, Shift Kit, Stainless Valves, Hot Start, Idler Gear

Listed for $2,500 (o.b.o.)

99 klx300r

300 built to 340 by Thumper Racing

Nearly new rear tire

Professionally revalved front forks

Renthal bars

Big Gun exhaust with quiet core

Easy to start

Runs great

Street legal (barely)

Registered until Feb. 2008

Easy to ride

Great for technical trails

Listed for 2,400 (offers)

Both of these bikes are legal for street use, that is the only stipulation, I am going dual sport for sure. Are there any issues with the '97 years, I understand that it was the first year they were produced, I understand that there can definately be issues with first model years. I am going to go look at them today, cash in hand, I am ready to buy. Anything I should look out for guys? Thank you all very much in advance. :applause:


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Well guys the 97 sold this morning. Kind of sad because that bike was definately a good buy. I guess the early bird gets the worm.

One more ?. Call me rediculous but I am 5' 10" 225lbs and it seems like the klx might be a little small for me? Never ridden one but I like the style a lot and the reliability and versatility seems great. Do you guys think I might be a little big for this bike. I have talked to a lot of people who seem to think that. I have sat on a drz and it felt like I was made for that thing.

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I was leaning towards the 99 anyway. CA street legal is a big deal. With our land being shut down faster than you can shake a stick at it, DS connectivity is the wave of the future. Even dirt roads that are county roads that have been ridden for decades are now illegal on a green stickered bike. Staging in a "semi" legal place is sure to get you busted. Riding a "street legal" dirt bike is the ultimate. I say go for it. Offer 2000 and hope that the engine holds. If not, you have $400 to freshen it up. Good luck.

PS - yeah, at 225, the KLX might be small for you. I'm 6' / 200lbs and size wise, the ergos were not good until I put on really hi rise bars. 225 is a little heavy for a 300cc mellow trail bike,m but it really depends on what kinds of areas you ride. If you ride wide open desert, you might be wanting more. If you ride tight woods, you'll probably be fine with the bike.

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