rear shock

does the swivel bushings on the top and bottom rear shock mounts need to have bearing grease in them? I took mine apart they were dry no grease, the bottom one was seized so i pressed it out and put in a new one, the top one was like new...........

do i put grease in and around them or leave them dry?

When I had my 04 yz250 and put new rear shock bearings in top and bottom I did not grease the outer part just the inner, the part that has the pins in it. Thats all you need to put the grease in< the inner part.

there are no pins in this swivel type bushing.....its like an outer race with a swivel connected to the race......

this is what it looks like ..#6 in the attached picture is the actually swivel bearing however its not a very good representation...


Oh Yea! I remember putting this one in." Go ahead and put a little grease around it " Wont hurt any thing. For grease however I used some in a tube cant remember the brand but is was a high tempurature form the grease was red.:applause:

ok I'll put some sikolene bearing grease its the red stuff i think your probably talking about.......

Yea that was it!

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