Problems with the Kouba T-handle?????

On a recent post for the CRF450 I noticed that the guys were complaining that the added mass of the t-handle makes their air screw turn out and fall out on the trail. Does this happen on the WR's and if so, how do I avoid it. If it does not happen on the WR's, WHY NOT????? Just curious and need some peace of mind.

Thanks in advance,


I've never heard of or had that happen to myself. The spring (it feels like there's a spring around the screw) is pretty tight...and have never had to adjust it once it was set. Just my two cents worth...

Get one...there very handy!

I've heard of fuel screws falling out on the WRs even without the added mass. I also recall someone mentioning after cleaning their carb that they found the spring for the screw after reassambly and had to figure out where it went.

I've had mine out as much as 3 1/2 turns (with the t-handle on it) and it stays right where I set it on my 2001 WR250F. If it is a problem on the CRF450R, then I would guess the solution might be a stiffer spring or perhaps a spacer to increase the spring load. If I had that problem myself, I would take it up with Norm and see if he is aware of a problem and if there is a prescribed solution.

I have forwarded this problem to Norm Kouba!

two possible culprits or a combination is my guess:

WEAK pilot screw spring.

PS turned too far out. What is too far? The Carb Guru's can back me up, but I think anyone over 2 turns out should go up one size on their pilot jet...

If the spring is weak, nothing will save it. One could always drill a small hole in the center of the T (KOUBA) and using a self tapping screw and some locktite, turn the S.T. screw in w/ a little thread still showing. Then, place a loop of safety wire around this new screw and attach somewhere on the bike/carb.

The factory guys safety wire anything and everything.

I have completely unscrewed my kouba and the fuel screw does not fall out on mine. I was just contemplating the other day as to how I was going to get the float bowl off with the Kouba hammered onto the screw. Mabe I just have to yank it a little bit, its pretty tight....

Bonzai :)

:) I tried to unscrew mine this morning, I too could not persuade it to depart company, I've run the Kouba on Three outing's now and it hasn't move one bit :D

The only "Gripe" I have is that it is now very hard to remove the floatbowl bottom for those on trail jet changes, but this is a SMALL price to pay for the adjustability the kouba gives you!

Well recommended bit of kit. :D

maybe if it was a tad longer it might be better. I made on of the motoman393 ones and made it longer so it would not completely fall out .Those screws are a bit pricey to replace . lost one in the past..

Why ping when you can thunder!!!


I carry a 17mm box wrench cut off and rounded to where at the box end of wrench there is just a stub of a wee handle, and a 1/4 in drive ratchet with assorted sockets and #2 philips

driver some allen wrenches ect.ect. I guess where I'm going with this is, you can use the 17mm on the bottom float bowl nut and the 1/4 rachet with a 6mm socket for the jet in and out. That way on the trail at the most you might have to loosen and give carb a slight twist to do jet change..Saves you from the hassle of removeing carb to remove float bowl.


:) Yeah , that is the bottom/nut I was refering to, it's a 14mm on the 99's and the handle just makes it very tight to get in, but still a very small price to pay.

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