450 exhaust on a 426??

my friend got a 03 yz450f and i have had my 01 426 for about a month now and none of the current exhausts are made for an out of date bike(my 426). i haven't gotten around yet to try to put his on mine confirming i can get a 450 exhaust. i was just wondering if anyone has done this or if they know it will work. i'll probably try it anyway i just want to know if it will in advance. thanks

Technically, they don't fit. However, they come very close to it, and if you use an exhaust that is built with a spring slip fit connection at the joint of the mid pipe to the muffler, and with a muffler bracket that can be moved around on the muffler, you can just about always get an '03-'05 exhaust to fit a 426. Sometimes you'll have to file the hole in the mid pipe mount on the subframe a little bit.

FMF and Yoshimura exhausts are typically made in the above manner.

thanks gray. yea i think im going to try it this weekend. he has a stock exhaust and he is going to order a whole system and if it works he's giving me his ti-header and muffler/midpipe. i have a stock header and a procircuit 496 muffler/midpipe

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