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Stony & Ya gotta love 'em

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Back from Stony this past weekend. Launched out of Davis Flat and mostly rode the 20's up in the trees. Trails were in pretty good shape. Not a lot of traffic until we were heading back to the Jeep. Put in about 50 or so miles.

Bummer note though, the wife lost it on a long decent out by Wolf Creek and dinged up the 'ol arm early on. She's got one heck of a "goose egg" on the outside of her arm between the shoulder and elbow. Doc says nothing bad just a hum dingier of a muscle bruise. She's a trooper, her arm bothered her enough so she couldn't ride but she said "It's a two and a half hour drive to this :applause: place, the least you can do is explore more trails for me to ride, for next time!":crazy:

Ya gotta love 'em.

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