2001 cr 125 front brake line on a yzf

i noticed the cr 125 front brake line is steel braided and wrapped in protective clear rubber has any one ever put one on a yz or yzf

i ripped mine in half while ridding today it got stuck on my triple clamps and eventally ripped in half it happened very fast( i grabed the lever and it was free while i was in a nasty sandy high speed whoopy turn) it was because of the tool bag i had on the handle bars , it made the brake line sit way to close to the triple clamp and got stuck behind the triple clamp bolt

so keep an eye out if you use a handle bar bag or tool bag

Most aftermarket lines for your YZF are SS and are available with the clear cover. The TT store has them.

If you want to run a "CR style" line on your 04, you will need to get some Lightspeed fork guards or mod your stockers. Do a search an the topic and you will get a bunch of results.

thanks i thought i seen this before

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