Am I missing something?

Wasn't going to post it, but i'm in disbelief.

New XR650R seat on ebay

For that price, it'd better come with a free riding lesson from Campbell or something. :applause:

The other day I was on ebay looking for a cheap kickstand. Thay same guy has a used one. the starting bid was $20 with $10 shipping. In a few hours it was up to $26. I ordered a new one with delivery for $36 fron ron ayers.


looks like someone is boostin his bids...............

ebay is a great tool but beware, there are things go down that are wrong,wrong, wrong. best bet is to know what the part your looking for costs and even comparable brands. Example; Was looking for a new F & R fenders for my YZF, bought a new Yami rear for $8,(ebay) then all I could find was an acerbis front for $22,(ebay) ended up buying one from powersportstore out of the tucker rocky catalog for $16, after discount (non-ebay) so do your research so you dont get gouged on ebay! :applause:

... so do your research so you dont get gouged on ebay!

+1. You gotta be good at "The Price is Right" but you can score awesome deals on ebay.

I just checked Bike Bandit on the price for an 06 xr 650r seat.$195 and their prices are right in line with Honda's.Somebody got screwed!

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