New plastics

Can anyone please help me find new Plastics for my 93 xr 600. I'd like to buy a set of black plastics but not sure if its possible. If not is there any paint or sticker options i could go for. Thanks :applause:

Maier, UFO, Polysport and Acerbis all make fenders for the XR600 in different colors.

Welcome to TT, get what plastics that are still available from and what you can not get use the Fusion paint for plastics or you can buy number plate backgrounds in sheet form and apply to the stock plastic, typically side panels are the ones you cant find, the backgrounds would be a bit more durable than the paint, another option would be to paint then apply clear backgrounds over the paint. My $.02 :applause:

plastic restore

I just bought a new pair of XR600 side panels from Acerbis.

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